A 6-year veteran of Paleo cooking, it goes without saying that I'm passionate about quality, nourishing foods. Learning the role that food plays in our lives has been humbling and life changing.

I have always been happy to cook and share meals, but learning that food is literally our health has given so much more weight to my time in the kitchen.

The hardest part of Paleo is maintaining it, but I'm here to help you fit it into your busy life. Meals are cold upon pickup, so they're ready to help you get through the week.

All of my meals are prepared gluten free, dairy free, legume free, sugar free, and grain free. Ingredients are basically organic (definitely no dirty dozen produce items), meats are humanely raised. grassfed/pastured, and/or organic, and eggs are from happy hens. Dinner portions have approximately 6-8 oz of meat each, and 2-3 cups of vegetables each. While our beliefs lay passionately in the Paleo framework, much of what you'll find here is Keto and Whole30 friendly -- ask about specific ingredients if those diet plans are your thing.

While the principals of the Paleo lifestyle dictate high quality food, I aim to balance out top quality with reasonable cost for most families. If you have a specific need or are curious beyond this basic outline, please get in touch so I can provide more info and we can find a good fit for you! Also please always let me know if there are any allergies in your family.

Another important feature of the Paleo lifestyle goes beyond the food we eat -- we are equally as passionate about reducing our exposure to toxins. All of my meals are cooked without the use of plastic, aluminum, and nonstick cookware. Foods are packaged in eco-friendly, non-plastic, and non-aluminum containers.